Currently, I am typing this article using the Logitech Keyboard K360. Although it is not the top of the line in Logitech’s range of keyboards, there are several design aspects that make this keyboard a preferred choice over the higher end and more costly options such as the Craft keyboard.


The K360 features a standard QWERTY keyboard layout but is 20% smaller than a full-sized keyboard such as the K850 (in left photo, bottom). When using the K850 full-sized keyboard, I find myself pushing the keyboard towards the right side so that the “left 60%” of the keyboard (red marked area below) is between me and the screen. The mouse will need to be placed further to the right side, which may feel awkward for some people. This can be worse if the table is little cluttered and too small for so much space taken up by both the keyboard and mouse.

There are plus points in the design for M850, but the full-sized keyboard is just too big. We wondered why such keyboard layout is still popular these days or is everyone having a luxury of tabletop space?


Currently, the K360 is not the only keyboard that classified as “compact” in the whole range. The other compact keyboard is the K780, which has a much superior design overall. However, the K780 is missing the Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys. You will have to turn off the Num Lock in order to use them, which makes this “lesser” than a full-sized keyboard regarding functionality.

Based on the keyboard layout alone, the K360 is a clear winner over all the other Logitech keyboards. If you are particular about the size of the keyboard, and yet would like to have all the keys available like a full-sized keyboard, the K360 is your answer.

Other plus points for K360 includes:

  • Logitech unifying connector: This allows you to connect up to 6 compatible accessories from Logitech – even though I have been using only 2 devices max. Over the past ten years since this technology was introduced.
  • Keys are easy to type without binding like those cheaper keyboards. At less than USD 30, we are impressed by the comfortable key press. Even though the keys may not have the finger indent like the more expensive K780 or Craft, it is not a major problem for us.
  • The package comes with 2 AA-sized batteries, which is touted to last up to 3 years. This is much better than the battery life for most back-lit keyboards, which some last only 1o days. Why would anyone who buys a wireless keyboard, need a routine to fix up the charging cable every 10 days?
  • The programmable keys and special function (FN) keys are good to have. As these keys are different depending on the device that you used, we question if these have any impact on the decision to buy the keyboard.

Some negative points which we hope Logitech can incorporate into the existing K360 design, perhaps a K360 version 2.

  • Add Bluetooth LE support (and keep the Unifying connector, like the Craft and K850).
  • Add Backlit keys and a high powered Lithium battery which can last at least six months without charging.
  • Keys with finger indent
  • Support for Logitech Flow

Overall, the K360 is a cost-effective keyboard for both work and play.

Quick Specs:
Size: 381mm (15.0 inch)x156mm (6.1 inch)x25mm (0.9 inch)
Weight: 481g (16.9 ounce)

K360 height adjustment
K360 height adjustment
K360 battery compartment
K360 battery compartment

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