Once in a while we will check out Logitech to see what is going on and if they have come up with new gadgets to interface with the computers and notebooks. Recently, we happen to spot new series of Logitech wireless gaming mouse, and began to take a quick look at what the new design has to offer. Having used the G502 Proteus Core and G600 MMO mouse, both of which are wired mouse with good design. We are eager to see what the most innovative computer accessory company in the world has lined up in the new offering.

Traditionally, a gaming mouse is designed with a wired connection to ensure quick response and a minimal lag between the user and the computer. Apparently, the new series introduced a switch from wired to wireless while promising high speed, lag-free connectivity. Logitech gave the new technology the name LIGHTSPEED with a response time of 1ms, using a highly optimised 2.4GHz wireless connection. What this means is that every click and movement of the mouse is supposed to be nearly instantaneous.

G903 LIghtspeed
G903 LIghtspeed

It seems that not all the previous versions have the new upgrades, but only the top of the line G903, G603, G403 and a new G703. There are no new versions of the G502, and both G502 Core and G502 Spectrum appears to have quite similar specifications except for that the latter has programmable RGB lighting. So if you are looking at new gaming mouse with plenty of buttons like the G502 or G600 MMO mouse, the only option is the G903. Due to this, we are not quite keen with the new series even though there is an upgrade to the wireless technology, meaning that we are not going to rush out now and grab one of this new mouse. The new design would probably entice hardcore gamers or those who are looking at pro-grade wireless gaming mouse.

However, we noticed the implementation of the wireless charging for the G903 might be an indication of what is to come in future. All of the mouse using the new Lightspeed technology have a very short battery life of 32 hours or less. To stay wireless, it makes sense to have wireless charging coupled with the advanced and fast but power-hungry LIGHTSPEED wireless. Of course, this would come at a premium price as it is only available for the G903.

Our brief review is based purely based on the interpretation of the specifications provided at Logitech website, and below is a comparison table of the Gxx3 models.

Compiled by DesignReviews.Com*
  G903 G703 G603 G403
Programmable Buttons 11 6 6 6
Connectivity Lightspeed+Wired Lightspeed+Wired Lightspeed+Bluetooth Wireless+Wired
Programmable RGB Lightings 16.8million colors 16.8million colors No 16.8million colors
Clock Tunining Tech Yes No No No
Onboard Memory Yes Yes Yes Yes, 10g
Wireless Charging Yes No No No
Adjustable Weight Yes, 10g Yes, 10g No Yes, 10g
Ambidextrous Yes No No No
Report Rate 1ms (both) 1ms 1ms 1ms
Sensor PMW3366 PMW3366 HERO Unknown
Resolution 200-12,000DPI 200-12,000DPI 200-12,000DPI 200-12,000DPI
Max. Acceleration >40G >40G >40G >40G
Max. Speed >400 IPS >400 IPS >400 IPS >300 IPS
Battery Built-in Built-in 2 x AA Built-in
Battery Life (with lighting) 24 hours 24 hours NA 24 hours
Battery Life (no lighting) 32 hours 32 hours 500 hours 32 hours
Height 130.3mm 124mm 124mm 124mm
Width 66.5mm 68mm 68mm 68mm
Depth 40.4mm 43mm 43mm 43mm
Weight (Mouse Only) 110grams 107grams 88.9grams 107.2grams
Cable Length 1.83m 1.83m NA 1.83m
Source: Logitech.Com, 13 Jan 2018. This comparison chart is provided as a reference only, please verify the specifications at Logitech.Com before purchasing.

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