The Peloton treadmill comes with a 32″ HD touchscreen, where you can either select from an on-demand library of 1000+ workouts, or participate in streaming daily live classes. So instead of getting distracted by watching the news or Netflix, you can focus on maximising the training results from following the workout videos, and guided by real-time metrics.

For someone like myself who ran between 5 – 12 km on a daily basis when I was in my 30s and younger, I can appreciate the shock-absorbing slat belt design which would help lessen the impact on the knees. If you have no idea of how a worn-out ligament felt, it is best to prevent that from happening in the first place. When that happens, you will immediately feel as if the bone is hitting the bone at the kneecap at the point when it “breaks”, and that is no fun at all. If you don’t intend on growing shorter as you age, that is the time to stop running immediately.

All shock absorbing elements from the shoe soles to the exercising belt will probably lessen the impact.

These machines will be great for guys who train for the triathlon, especially the long ironman races comprising 2km swimming, 180km bike ride and a 42km marathon. Pelaton also has a Bike version that has 5000 plus on-demand workouts and up to 14 daily live classes.

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