My first APS-C camera is the Sony Nex-5, the very beginning of the series that is now represented by the latest Sony 5100. In fact, I have bought both the first and the most recent 5100 model due to its compact size and relatively large sensor as compared to the famous micro four-thirds. A large sensor is preferred for excellent image quality as most experts would recommend.

Recently, I have started to look at the latest upgrades, but the 5100 remains as the newest model. Then I spotted the new but larger Sony α7R III with lots of good reviews. The following are the new features which I find most attractive:

  1. Dual SD card slot: Other than increasing the capacity of the storage, it allows copying of files between the two cards.
  2. Joystick: A new joystick that was missing in the MK II is now available.
  3. Connectivity: A variety of options to connect to your IPad, mobile phones or PC, including Bluetooth, wireless, and USB-C.
  4. Battery Life: Almost double battery life which means you can shoot twice as many photos.
  5. Improved AF: Faster Autofocus and Eye focus even when the eyes are shut or partially blocked.

However, there are some negative points for consideration, such as:

  1. Sensor: Same CMOS sensor as MK II. Even when this is released two years after MK II, it remains the same.
  2. Price: This is now a Pro-level camera, and the price does not include any free lens (unlike the 5100).

Although it is expensive, the price is lower than some of the professional top-of-the-line cameras in the market. After looking at other brands, it seems that Sony α7R III has the most feature, lightest and smallest. Another thing which I noticed is that the size is slightly thicker at the handgrip. If I have to save up money for the MK IV, I hope that Sony does not increase the size any further or it would defeat the purpose. The Sony α7R III is an excellent option to upgrade from a compact APS-C camera like the Sony N5100, provided that you are prepared to sacrifice mobility for pro-features. For those who are using α7R II, it is an easy decision to upgrade to α7R III considering all the improvements. Check out the other reviews below for detailed discussions.


The difference between Sony α7R III and α7R II.

Another comparison of Sony α7R III and α7R II.

Find out more about Sony α7R III at the official Sony website

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