Formal design reviews are part of a product development project, where project team members, stakeholders and sometimes even users participate to review a prototype against a target list of design specifications. Googling “design reviews” will provide many references as to how to conduct such a review.

However, this blog is about reviewing designs of products that we as users would want to buy. It is done from the buyer’s point of view and based on the design of products that are rolled out in the market. This takes a different approach than most “review sites” where the reviewers attempt to cover almost every aspect of the design as a techie or geek.

The question that we seek is:

  1. What makes someone buy a product? Specify your needs.
    It does not always have to be the most expensive or top-of-the-line product, even though it is the case sometimes, but not always. Most buyers are limited by the amount they are willing to pay, and if they need the product urgently. Some buyers have simple needs, while the simplest would be to just go for the price (cheapest) and do not bother to ask too much. By understanding what buyers need, it would help product designers come up with a better design in future.
  2. What is useful that is missing today?
    There are times we need something and started googling for a product that does that, but could not find one that does just that. Or we find some design in different products that we like, but we cannot find one that has everything we need. That is, so sad.

Last but not least, we aim for this blog to be useful for those seeking opinion and wanting to find out what else they need to know before purchasing. We also strive to have all the items reviewed to be based on:

1. Actual use of a product in daily life,

2. Interest and plans to buy a particular product, or

3. Sharing of information after scouring the market for product design to meet our needs.

We also love to read the reviews from other websites as they are a good source of information and experience, and we are happy to post links to those good reviews wherever available. However, as our focus is on products of interest, we will not likely spend much time reviewing those that are not on our radar. 🙂